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Dark Spot Reduction Products

3rd September 2011

As you may all be very well aware, I used to have acne problems. Although thanks to Diane my pimple farming days are on hold, I still have the scars of the days where I had.. a few too many pimples. My husband doesn't have too many pimples but he gets them once in a while. He also has a habit of picking pimples.. not just popping them.. but PICKING at them until they become craters. So both he and I have scarring from acne (and maybe traces of sun spots) so I went on a search for a good dark spot reduction product. These were my top 6:


I decided to try the Peter Thomas Roth - De-Spot one. Only problem is... I can't seem to purchased it anywhere... (not even ebay!) Anyway, once I do get my hands on it, David and I will be trying the stuff as directed and taking weekly photos. Hopefully we will see a dramatic difference!