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26th November, 2011

Yesterday, the gloomy and miserable weather didn't stop our date at Olivo Restaurant in Darling Harbour. Olivo is a modern Italian/Australian restaurant that prides itself on being one of the Harbourside restaurants with an astounding view of the harbour. Click here to keep reading!

18th November, 2011

Imagine, sitting on the grass, music from the 80's and 90's filling the air, children laughing, bubbles floating, the smell of delicious food from around the world, enjoying all this with a glass of good wine. That was our experience at the North Sydney Twilight Food Fair! Click here to keep reading!

29th October 2011

With summer just around the corner, we are getting ready to cool down with these healthy snacks. All you need is an ice cube tray, some fruit and yoghurt of any flavour and voila - a delicious summer snack. Click here to keep reading!

29th October 2011

As soon as we saw bananas being sold at not-so-ridiculous-prices at the supermarket, instantly we grabbed the biggest bunch there was. But not surprisingly, we both had our first couple of bananas and kind of... stopped eating them... As they were so expensive before, I forgot how much I didn't really... REALLY.... LOVE ..... bananas. So after a week we had nearly too ripe bananas and what do we do we nearly too ripe bananas? Make banana bread :) Click here to keep reading!

29th October 2011

MAJOR apologies for the long period of no posting/updating. I've been swamped with so many things (mainly exams) that I haven't had time to really sit and write. But now with just two more exams to go, be prepared to be blown away by the many posts that are soon to come! Click here to keep reading!

11th October 2011

I wanted to know if I was wasting my money on luxury brands when cheaper products work just as well - or better? Maybelline has introduced a new line of liquid foundations called Fit me and I really wanted to try it out (influenced by the many ads I've been seeing around). I bought it last week from Woolworths for less than $25. It advertises letting the 'real you' through, with the foundation having no oils and waxes, having natural coverage and a number corresponding to your shade making buying other products easier. The things that I look for in a foundation is firstly and most importantly, that they don't make me break out, have medium coverage, matte finishing and SPF. So here it is: Click here to keep reading!